Sunday, July 06, 2008

LibDems looking "very stupid indeed"?

Yesterday's EDP reported that Nick Clegg got himself tied in knots when trying to justify the LibDem claim of a "two horse race" in Norwich South. The EDP put it to Mr Clegg that it was, in fact, a "four horse race" and his arguement against this seemed pretty lame. Apparently people know that there is no point voting Green or Tory, says Mr Clegg.

Well try telling that to the residents of Bowthorpe, Thorpe Hamlet, Mancroft, Eaton, Nelson, Wensum, Town Close, University - all of which elected either a Tory or a Green or had one or other in a close second place.

If the LibDems go down this line, they'll make themselves look "very stupid indeed". Not my words - that of a wise old bird from the party I spoke to yesterday.

But don't expect the LibDems to be honest with anybody anytime soon.

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