Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Predictions for 2008

Given my normal phenominal performance in predicting political events, I thought I'd do my Mystic Meg impression and make a stab at what might happen next year. Some of them more likely than others...

1. One cabinet minister will resign, citing Ministerial Responsibility, because of a massive foul-up in their department.
2. Nick Clegg will tell his party to be honest in campaigning and orders them to stop producing dodgy bar-charts. Over 150 party members are expelled for failure to comply with their leader.
3. The media will admit that just because David Cameron had a good education and a priviledged upbringing, it means he can appreciate popular culture and use public transport. Labour pledge not to use the word "toff" during their election campaign.
4. Voters in Norwich elect another hung council but the LibDems become the fourth party and the Greens become the official opposition.
5. At least one MP in each main party will call upon their leader to resign / shape up but all three will still be in place at the end of the year.
6. Education will become a political battleground and we can talk about grade inflation, inclusion, SEN and discipline without being accused of belittling students, teachers etc etc. The LibDems will get an education policy, the Tories will broaden out their policy and the goverment will admit not everything is working and will do something to bloody well sort it out.
7. Children-in-Need / Red Nose Day won't have a record breaking year and will raise less money than previously because absolutely nobody believes they can keep on getting more despite wheeling out the same old tat every year.
8. The Government will fund councils properly and stop heaping their central stealth taxes upon local people. In return councils promise to stop spending money on silly projects and cut waste.
9. The most talented person will win all reality TV events, following a new private members bill that is laid down following public outrage this year's X-Factor result.
10. LibDem Voice will actually post something that is controversial and interesting.

Your views?


Anonymous said...

Suitably vaccuous Cameroon predictions there Anthony! No substance in many!

Anonymous said...

I predict X Factor and Big Brother will get wound up!

Also that its discovered that Nick Clegg is Zac Goldsmith's secret twin brother.

Anonymous said...

My prediction for Jan 2008 is Gordon Brown will lose his rag with detractors of 10 nuclear power stations and 69 large incinerators in the UK; and will bulldoze these energy source plans through. He knows there are alternatives, but is determined to ignore them anyway. Whether or not one is undecided on nuclear like myself, should we have a control freak of a PM who is determined to go unchallenged on contraversial energy sources, and in his words, people and democracy come second over nuclear decision!

Anonymous said...

Lib Dems will have a "clause 4 moment" - will abandon bar charts for............ pie charts!