Saturday, January 27, 2007

Will it be the judges, rather than David Davis, who forces out John Reid?

A Labout friend of mine was bemoaning to me last night that the Home Office was becoming the elephants graveyard for politicans, in that all occupants of the hotseat end up resigning over some cock-up or another because the department didn't work properly. She was worried that John Reid, considered to be one of Labour's better performers, could be caught up and lost in the Home Office. Tory Shadow Home Secretary David Davis has a pretty good record of collecting Ministerial scalps. She thinks Reid can't last in the long-term, I'm not so sure. But something where we both agree is that John Reid's biggest opponents aren't across the dispatch box - they are in the courts.

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Anonymous said...

What home office scalps has Davis taken, they usually take care of their own scalps.