Monday, January 08, 2007

Ruth Kelly? Not a problem.

Poor Ruth Kelly, cabinet minister and former Education Secretary, is under fire from various outraged lefties complaining of her decision to send one of her many children to a private school because they better cope with the Special Needs of that child. Ms Kelly is doing what any parent would do - putting their child first, above her reputaion, her politics and her party. Good on her.

David Cameron is spot on for backing her up today. He said it would only be wrong if Labour were in favour of abolishing private education and that Ruth Kelly made the right call - as a parent. The left of politics leaps up and down like they do on such occassions.

Ruth Kelly has made a choice that I would like every parent to have and she should make it her mission in government to make that so.


James.R.Skinner said...

I quite agree antony. What right does Labour have to criticise her when she's looking out for her childs best interest. Good on her i say.

Anonymous said...

lmao, thats an awful piccy of her! HAvign said that, there aren't many good ones either...