Saturday, December 24, 2005

My simple Christmas offering this year is to ask what chance I have in the Queens Speech Sweepstake. My 6 random choices, which have to appear Bingo style for me to win, are (in order of sanity...)

1. A reference to Camilla
2. A reference to natural disasters around the world
3. Queen comes out against the Iraq War
4. Queen declares herself for David Cameron
5. Queen wears something stylish
6. Queen wears something from Debenhams

I don't think I'm going to win. In fact, 2 points would be good.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Only one out of six! Queenie didn't really say a lot though, most disappointing. And those choirboys were awful.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Tone, Coman here. I misplaced your email address, so this will have to do, as it is my only way of contacting you. I was wondering about 2 things,
1) which would be a more efficient/helpful revision aid, our notes from your lessons or the Kingdom book? (please don't say both!)
2) would it be possible for you to send me (and others) some practice exam questions? Mr Gardiner mentioned you doing something of the sort, but was not clear.
I hope to hear from you soon, either in email form or as a reply to this comment.
Thank you!

Antony said...

Firsty I am crushed re. Queens Speech. Am seriously considering resigning from all festive games, although winning interactive Cluedo DVD on Christmas Day did help. Yay!

Secondly, Daniel my e-mail is antony at norwichconservatives dot come. Please get in touch and I am happy to fire off thousands of example questions to you. Of course revision from Kingdom is essential as a first port of call but use your notes and my thousands of worksheets to supplement this. To help with part (a) question you could flick through the index of the book, stick a pin in and try to define that word e.g. referendum, SV, insider group, Third Way etc. Part (b) questions I can e-mail you for distribution to the rest of the group.

Ho ho ho!