Saturday, December 17, 2005

It has been an eventful end of the week. On Wednesday I was told that I have been put back onto the Conservative Parliamentary Candidates List and can start applying for seats as and when they come up! Good news! Hurrah! I thought the interview went well and it must have. We have been asked to join mobile campaigning units, which I am glad to do.

It seems like Kennedy has survived in tact, although The Sun tried their best as always. Campbell’s pledge of loyalty was fairly week willed, and Oaten’s Telegraph interview said more about where he wants to go than where he is now. David Cameron heaped the pressure on Kennedy this week. Despite his almost failed jibe at PMQs (a pretty good joke about decapitation strategies but flopped due to timing) he then went back on the attack by calling upon LibDems to defect to the Conservatives. I liked the timing and the speech content but I do wonder what Cameron’s speech expected the outcome to be. I just can’t see any LibDem MP defecting, we may get a handful of Councillors and activists but the key group is voters. We’ve seen our association membership jump by 13% since the day Cameron was elected – a mixture of new members and those who lapsed some years ago. We are particularly doing well in LibDem strongholds in Eaton and Town Close – so the results in May will be interesting!

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Anonymous said...

hi antony,

i don't suppose you would remeber me. i was in your sixth form goverment and politics class at the douay marthrs school in ickeham, west london in 2003ish. congauations on the election campaign! you'll get into the house yet!

i thought you'uld be a cameronite the lad's done well for himself. maybe in 2008/9 we might see david "dave" cameron pm?

i agree with the point you have made after all even through kennedy is still the leader his abilties have been called into question and that can be as much of a politicial death sentance as lying to the house and the public about wmd's.

obveiously i would disagree with you on other poltical issues. im even more of a lefty now! i canvassed for Respect in east london( yep for galloway). and i have been a member of the swp for three years now.
its good to hear that your still involed in politics the tories need more people like you if their ever going to get back in.

good luck with the campaiging and the teaching.

with Respect

Adam sheehan

p.s did you know that you had some one from the workers revolutionary party standing againist you? ultra- left rubbish!

Antony said...

Of course I remember you Adam although I had no inkling of the radical left-wing path you were to follow! Maybe I'm just a little bit insane but I do remember a hint of toryness slipping in now and again! At the risk of this becoming a TDMS love-in do keep me up to date with what you are doing (apart from delivering Respect leaflets). Bethnal Green was a remarkable result and seeing Oona King on This Week last Thursday made me more convinced that, whilst he is clearly loathsome, we do need people like Gorgeous George in the Commons. Well, when he bothers to turn up anyway!!!

Keep in touch Adam

Anonymous said...

i saw it to in fact im a bit of a fan of this week and question time esp when george is on!
speaking of tdms loveins did u ever hear from the other lot in our little group esp james hamlin?
as for the torieness factor,...
well i do get on surpisingly well with the conversative fruture guys at my university(kingston)i don't think its my inner cameron showing, im on of those political oddities..
a freiendly trot who's open to other peoples ideas and arguements!

will keep in touch

Iain Dale said...

Well done on getting back on the list. I hope you'll stick with Norwich South! Now the real question is whether either of us will get on the A List...

Antony said...

Ah, the big question is who, or what, qualifies for such an A List!