Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Well, we’re home – mother and baby doing fine (in fact, both are asleep now). Tonight is potentially another night without sleep. Louise started having contractions at 1pm on Sunday and Emily was born 10.09am on Tuesday! That’s a long time with no sleep! Emily has been sick on me twice now and looked rather smug about it both times. We must talk about the whole vomiting thing. Hmmm, should also have that “fatherly” conversation about boys too! So pleased that they’re home – still well up inside when I think at her, let alone when we cuddle!

I would love to comment intelligently about the political news of the week, but having not even read a newspaper this week I couldn’t possibly, although friends do say that Mr Blair is having more trouble with the Lords ... fancy the “unelected” Lords standing up for liberty and justice! I do hope all those anti House of Lords types will write lots of letters to the Guardian proclaiming it the theatre of liberty!

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