Sunday, March 13, 2005

It has been an interesting weekend in which we managed to juggle babies, politics and a big dose of oh-my-god-I’m-back-to-work-tomorrow. Emily isn’t sleeping too badly – regular feeds and if we go to bed late enough and rise early, she only wakes once a night. Ah. Just getting used to the idea of being a Dad – must buy a cardigan or something!

Saturday was rare as I didn’t go out canvassing – instead I juggled writing my election material and caring for Emily. Louise caught up on a week’s sleep in an afternoon! Instead we had teams out in Cringleford and (judging by the results) had a rather good time.

In a later post I am exclusively putting the results of our surveys onto this site. We had a massive response to these surveys and the outcomes should make all politicians think.

Today, however, we are just back from an association fundraiser – afternoon tea at the home of former Lord Mayor of Norwich, George Richards. A wonderful event and glad to see so many County Council Candidates there! The food was, unsurprisingly excellent, and well done to the enterprising lady raffling it off at the end! It often surprises me that such events raise such a lot of money – it should make the likes of Lord Sainsbury and the entire trade union movement think about who is properly involved in politics. Gave a speech entitled, “How to Beat Blair”. Quite pleased with it actually!

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