Saturday, December 31, 2011

My 12 Predictions for 2012

This time last year I set myself 3 personal goals - to lose weight (achieved, 2½ stone down), fix my teeth (achieved) and get trendy new glasses (failed). I never thought for a moment I'd be a father again, or that my career would be taking off, or that I would be writing for a magazine. Maybe these predictions will be more spot-on:

1. There won't be a General Election, Cameron and Clegg will both be in place but Ed Miliband will either be gone or fatally wounded.

2. Norwich City will stay in the premiership in a mid-table position.

3. The cabinet will lose a number of Secretary of State - Cable, Warsi, Gillan and Huhne will all be gone by next New Years Eve.

4. Online services will lead to a renaissance of hard-copy photographs.

5. The GOP will take control of the Senate but Obama will be back - just - defeating Romney in the Presidential election.

6. The French and German governments will take a hammering at the polls

7. At least 1 country will leave the Euro.

8. The Conservatives will finish the year behind in the opinion polls, but by less than 5%

9. The House of Lords still won't be reformed.

10. Labour will take outright control of the City Council, by virtue of the collapse of the Green vote

11. Norfolk County Council Tories will be bouyed by at least one more defection and/or by-election win

12. The Evening News will be free.

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