Sunday, January 02, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Former Tory Candidate in lavish New Year Party at £500,000 London Pad

Well, that headline is about as ridiculous as this story in the Mail on Sunday which seems to suggest that MPs shouldn't hold parties or go on holiday (let alone - wait for it - at New Year). I think the political team at the MoS may be having a "d'oh" moment when they look back at this. Not only are the claims rather loose (for example the Speaker's Party cost just £22 per head) but are we really saying that Ministers, MPs or other public figures shouldn't have fun and do things that the rest of us are doing or at least want to do? I know not everyone can afford to go skiing or stay in a Villa; but I suppose people wealthier than I am do things that cost more than I can do.

And for the record, the headline refers to my parents place in Uxbridge and a small family get-together at which we sub-divided a marked-down Tesco scotch egg into eight. Sadly, the whole of that sentence is factual.

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