Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Unthinkable

When a friend text to say that the unthinkable had happened I had no idea what he meant. Then I was directed to this.

Absolutely nothing so far has made me miss being at City Hall, but the thought of not being in those Group Leaders Meetings now has made me very depressed indeed. What fun!

For Cllrs. Morphew, Stephenson & Wiltshire I have a deep sense of Schadenfreude.


Paul said...

how could it come to that :(

schadenfreude - ditto.

Hey Billy - if your reading this. As we've discussed many times before, this turn of events is entirely your fault :) You should have stayed the course and sorted everyone out!

Johnny said...

I think someone needs to remind Juddith Lubbock of the last Lib Dem administration at City Hall, and how poorly it turned out.

Talk to most of the market traders and they say the same thing.

Billy said...

I have not read what this is all about but as I read this I laughed. Oh I do feel sorry for them - will the L/D's split? What a load of lubbocks!