Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Looking Forward to 2011

Well, nobody can say that 2011 wasn't an exciting rollercoaster of a year. And we are looking forward to even more next year. The election campaign feels like it was either yesterday or years ago now. And six months on from losing my seat, I can hardly remember working on the council. The kids are growing up, far too fast, and I am really enjoying being a full time teacher again.

So, a few predictions for this year:

1. A major national shop will unexpectedly open a branch in Norwich.

2. City will face a nailbiting effort for promotion via the qualifiers and will ultiamtely win through.

3. The AV referendum will be lost, by 8%

4. The economy will show strong signs of growth by December

5. Labour will take double digit poll leads during the year but by the end the Tories will be back within striking distance

6. Labour will pick up seats in 2011 but not in large numbers and only the kind of wards the Tories were shocked to have won in 2007. No breakthrough.

7. Ed Miliband will still no be secure as Labour Leader but all 3 party leaders will show negative poll numbers and Clegg will be in the most serious trouble

8. Most newspapers online will be behind the paywall

9. The invisible primary in the US will cut the number of realistic GOP hopefuls down to 4 - Huckabee, Palin, Romney and a surprise figure that perhaps we hadn't even considered in 2010.

10. "Skype me" will be the new "Facebook me"

Happy New Year Everybody!


Paul said...

Hi Antony,

Hope you weren't woken up at the crack of dawn by excited children on the 25th! Based on past weeks I expected this to happen to us but fortunately not.

As for your predictions...

1. It's inevitable that this could happen. But what's your definition of 'national'. A lot of new shops have appeared in Norwich during the last year - none that inspire me to visit. But then I'm not typical.

2. Well those in the know will know what I think about this subject :)

3. Sadly I think you may well be right on this one. I will, nevertheless, endeavour to contribute in some small way to the 'Yes' cause.

4. Is this just your belief that the Tory Government have policies that are going to benefit the nation? The Tories are implementing policies that are divisive. I say Tories because the LDs are inconsequential - they are the buffer and I reckon that the Tories are hoping they will be protected by an angry nation focusing on the LDs.

5. This is quite likely too. With 2011 being the year that many think the cuts will start to bite, disaffected voters will gravitate to the opposition parties.

6. Again not difficult to 'predict'.

7. I think Miliband is a 'caretaker' leader. And yes I don't think Clegg will do well.

8. Yes - perhaps.

9. There are always surprises candidates that come through.

10. I was on Skype way back in 2005.

All the best for 2011

P.S. I'm not a happy bunny about the Free School policy

Hellesdon Citizen said...

Are you taking part in the 'Big Conversation' about the proposed cuts to county services by NCC?

What are you personally doing to make sure the impact on cuts will be minimal?