Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Local media & Local democracy

Archant goes through good times and bad times when it comes to reporting local democracy and elections. Currently, under the present Editor and team, they are having a good time. Shaun Lowthorpe and Dan Grimmer are like the Statler and Waldorf of the City (there goes my favourable coverage) but are doing an excellent job. At the moment they are previewing 2 wards per day in the lead u to the poll. It's even better to see them coming off the fence and having a punt at who they think is in the game at the moment. So far they think the Conservatives will hold Bowthorpe, LibDems hold Eaton (just) and Labour to hold University. Lakenham is too-close-to-call. It's good to see pieces from all the candidates (except UKIP who failed to provide any copy) with then an opinion-style piece from the paper. When the first article about the elections appeared on page 57 of the EDP I did fear a lack of coverage, but this really is a good service to democracy. Well done, Archant.


Deckard said...

I feel the local reporting has contributed to a greater awareness of local democracy but it still can be better.

In the past BBC Look East has been good but I have been disappointed in their practically non-existent coverage of the by-elections.

Anonymous said...

I was impressed with the in depth coverage of the by-elections in the EDP. I was up in Norwich recently and was reading a friends back issues. A paeg dedicated to just two wards, talking about the chances of the different parties in the ward. I found the Mile Cross wasn't good enough though. No mention of the Greens win at the county, seemed to explain it more as a Labour/Lib Dem marginal on the basis that Mayhew was the Lib Dem candidate. I think Mile Cross is far too close to call and could go in any direction, depending on who puts the hard work in.
My local paper back home is terrible, the locals were hardly looked at during the general/local election and everything based around the General election candidates. I think I can recall a two page spread on every ward the week before the locals.