Friday, December 04, 2009

CO2; Good Start But More To Do

According to a report by the BBC, Norwich South is ranked 450th out of 646 Westminster constituency for its CO2 emmissions (where the 1st constituency has the most CO2 emmissions), above Norwich North (365th) but below Great Yarmouth (530th).

As the worlds delegates meet in Copenhagen, this report on the BBC reminds us all about the importance of taking action as individuals at grassroots levels. This report shows us that Norwich South is doing better than most areas but has much work to do in terms of reducing our CO2 output.

Local people need to take action to reduce their own carbon footprint, which is why more and more people are taking the 10:10 challenge to reduce CO2 by 10% next year.

There is a temptation for some parties to use a big stick to force people to cut emmissions. I would rather see governments and councils using the carrot; such as Conservative plans to reward residents for recycling and provide funding for better insulation.

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Anonymous said...

I like the argument of the Cons PPC for Richmond; that carbon reduction and dependence is required, irrespective of climate change, due to the insecure nature of Russian Gas, Middle East Oil, Peak Oil, Peak Uranium, Population pressure on land, nature, resources, food, energy..there is a need for self sufficiency by new technology (via wiser forward thinking capital investments), different less wasteful habits (more cyclical resourceful and discplines habits).

Perhaps Boris Johnson's by stance rescue (on his bike) of the 10:10 proposer [being mugged in central london]was an event sent from above.