Sunday, May 10, 2009

Best Comment of the Day

Actually from Friday's canvassing:

"I voted Lib Dem last year but these are serious election this year aren't they? I'm going to vote Conservative."

So ... County elections = serious. What does that make City elections? Oh dear!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a bit early, but I'm putting my neck out and making my predictions for the Norwich wards for County Council election.

Conservative gain from Labour
Catton Grove

Green gain from Labour
University (may not, but they seem to be putting alot into it. Will be close)

Green gain from Liberal Democrats
Thorpe Hamlet

Green hold
Town Close (Conservatives a far off second)

Labour hold
Mile Cross
Sewell (though if any of the 3 other parties put the effort in they could take it)

Lib Dem gain from Labour

Lib Dem hold
Eaton (just!)

It's going to be a bad night for Labour in Norwich. What do you think of my predictions Mr Little?

Comrade said...

Not very far off at all. I think University is the only one where you really stick your neck out.

It will indeed be a very bad night for Labour. If they totally collapse the swingomiter would point to the Greens in Sewell & Tories in Crome. But I think they will probably manage to hold it together.

Would be interested in any predictions for the Broadland seats.

Anonymous said...

So Labour could meltdown across the City by 5-6 Divisional seats?
I'd be interested in Antony's predictions.