Thursday, May 08, 2008

A 4 party solution for Norwich?

For those out of the loop the current situation on Norwich City Council is:
Labour 15 (n/c)
Green 13 (+3)
LibDem 6 (-5)
Cons 5 (+2)

Hence nobody has anywhere near a majority and with a coalition not functioning, the Green Party has finally spoken about the elephant in the room - who will now run the council - saying they want an executive "of all the talents" with a 4 party administration. This idea has been shot down in flames - certainly by 2 of the parties involved - amongst a big debate about the future of the council now.

Does Labour have the strenght amongst their 15 strong group to support a talented 8 man Exec plus fill 3 key committee chairmanships? How far will the opposition Councillors fill jobs within the political system? I don't know (for once!) but I do think it's odd that we're almost a week after the poll and we haven't yet really thrashed this through.

Norwich people have voted for a patchwork quilt of political parties in the City, we now have to make it work. How we do that is vitally important and we ought to get down to working out how sooner rather than later.


Anonymous said...

You have to get Labour out, at any cost!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon..The best way to get Labour out in Norwich and dilute the Green vote, is to support Unitary and South Norfolk's and SN Conservatives Best4Norfolk proposals. Simple!!

I can understand why Antony is policy against, but now all Norfolk councils accept it will practically happen and all have their own wish list. I would be interested to hear whether Antony supports Best4Norfolk, or otherwise where Norwich Conservatives stand exactly today and their current unitary position.??

Anonymous said...

The Greens are a party who want office but not responsibility. They are actually scared of the day they might take power

Anonymous said...

Same old Tories same old lies

Antony said...

Same old anon posters, too scared to put their names to their drivel, posting the same old stupidity.

And I don't understand which aspect you refer to. Actually I don't care. Judging by the standard of your responses it wouldn't be worth reading.

Anonymous said...

Best4Norfolk is the revised 2nd report to the boundary commission. My point as a Norwich voter, is, whether Antony as Norwich Conservative Leader and Norwich Conservatives now support the 4 unitary proposals by the likes of John Fuller and SN colleagues? I think this is an important policy position South Norwich people should know, as it affects the southern boundary line [South Norwich] with a potential South Norfolk Unitary as proposed by John Fuller.

Anonymous said...

You can ask a Green councillor any question on any subject and get an answer...... about green issues. Consistency to be admired. They don't want power as the exposrue would make all their Euro and parliamentary ambitions unravell..

Hiraeth said...

Ex-Broadland resident now living in Unitary Cardiff. Unitary is not a good idea, and I suspect that the main casualty of the proposal would be Broadland. Outlying areas would most likely be treated as the poor relations. And the potholes in Cardiff do not fill me with confidence in unitary authorities. The tendency is to create a sphere of government both too remote for the locality and bereft of historical associations. It is also likely to allow for the higher tier of regional government to be imposed, in spite of the fact that no-one really wants it. Again, see Wales.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, the Lib Dems are now the biggest party there.... cheerio Labour