Wednesday, September 12, 2007


That is, of course, the Lower Hellesdon, Earlham, Larkamand and Marlpit Safer Neighbourhoods Action Panel and its where I've been tonight. It is a collection of key agencies, including housing officers, the police, the council and the NELM development trust for residents to meet with and then a panel of members select the priorities for the area. They can be to do with crime, the environment or even planning and transportation. It was a fantastic event in which local peopel had their say on what was going on - and the powers-that-be having to sit, listen and then take action. I was slightly disappointed in the number of particularly City Council issues that were "still being actioned" but clearly a lot of work had taken place. Local MP Charles Clarke sat in to hear the debate and I hope he heard the message loud and clear - people are sick of the mess and fly tipping on the streets. They don't want rude kids making lives a misery by, for example, throwing things as their houses and hurlign abuse on the streets. They want to feel safe on the streets.

For what its worth I spoke up on the issues of clamping down on illegal mini motor bikes on the streets and pathways and also for a cleanup in West Earlham. I hope someone takes note and we aren't sitting here in 3 months wondering if somebody else might action it.

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Anonymous said...

As a resident of Bowthorpe I consider this a positive direction. I think its about as many people taking responsibility on the streets, filling the vacuum. But the many should not leave it to the mindful few. If so we can kiss goodbye to all the good work undertaken by all in the last 1-2 years.

It should not just be about politicans, police, money, PCSOs, HELM and other structures; it needs communities, residents, parents and individuals to take charge and take responsibility.

HELM and Street Champions are a positive direction. But this should not mean these become the butt of peoples whinging. Ordinary folk need to pipe up and report details of poor behaviour and grafitti rather than leaving to only a few to stand up. Communities need to be brave, reactive and intolerant of all these issues.