Friday, March 17, 2006

One electoral victory secured, now onto Bowthorpe & Earlham...

Good news from the key electoral battlefield of Notre Dame High School where a strong swing towards me had produced a sensational Teacher Governor result! Yes people, the masses have plumpt for yours truly, winning a 50% turnout election with bang on 50% of the vote. Two things are worthy of note.

Firstly the speed at which your life changes. New MPs always say that the speed of the transition is incredible. So too for governors it seems. The forms were on my desk before I reached it again after the result was announced. I was on committees within 6 hours and have a gallon of reading with 24 hours.

Secondly is the degree to which campaigning matters. The first two days I went for it like a madman (posters and the lot). Then I calmed down and forgot about it. When the votes were opened, my main opponent got 11 votes before I had scored a single cross on the ballot paper. The votes further down (those cast first), were 90% for me, because my supporters voted early.

Well, regular reports from the educational battleground coming up!

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Anonymous said...

congrats sir, u finally won sumthing :-P

seriously tho, welldone.