Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I'm voting YES!

David Cameron today launched his Tory beliefs document, Built to Last, and with it a series of websites asking people to comment on various policy areas. This is what I have just posted on the public services site:

I am a state school teacher and a former Conservative PPC. We need to recognise that working conditions for teachers is as (or more) important than pay & conditions. School buildings, stress of inspections, behaviour management, classroom resources and time allowances all need to be addressed. Give us the tools and we'll do the job. Accept that the government was right on the Workload agreement but wrong on TLR - and work on ways to bring teaching & learning to the fore without shunning the pastoral duties of the teacher. The Conservatives are a growing force in educational thinking, let's be bold in our policies next time!

I think Dave is somewhere on the right ball park here, the document is well thought out and broad in tone. BBC's Nick Robinson doesn't miss out on the significance of some of what is said (MPH in a Tory document?!?) though I am sure that the cynical press will have a field day.<

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Anonymous said...

Surely the best educational policy would be to introduce schools without any students. Just think - no noise, no mess, no fights, no emotional breakdowns... Sheer bliss.