Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Spin & Brown

It doesn't matter what you think about the Iraq War or the future of our troops in the region, you have to question the judgement of a Prime Minister who promises to reject spin and put parliamentary back at the centre of political life and then re-arranges a visit to Iraq and announces troop reductions to the media not MPs.

Brown has sunk lower than even I thought imaginable with this one. He has broken his word (again) and played politics with the armed forces.

If he goes to the country on 1st November I really hope that 10 years of New Labour spin will be rejected and Gordon will be turfed out.


Anonymous said...

Antony, can't accept your analysis, which in itself is rather cynical. Most soldiers in Iraq want to see their political master resolve an exit strategy and talk with military and political partners in Iraq. This is the message of a confident Prime Minister going about his business, election or no election. He would be stupid if he didn't do anything to resolve Iraq and clarify Britain's role with its partners.

Aren't the Conservatives in a spin because whilst they are in conference, trying to bash out policy or half of them in the media, Gordon has presented and diverts the media attention and Tory limelight away from Dave Cam and chums, to what matters in Iraq for Britain. this is all they are crying about.

If it where David Cameron in Africa, Iraq, the Arctic on a sled; he'd be doing the same as an opportunist politican, but without the responsibility of carrying the office of British Prime Minister like Gordon is current exercising.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how he would announce this bit of foreign policy to parliament.

1) He was in Iraq, not the UK.

2) Parliament is not sitting yet.

Antony said...

Then why not announce it in parliament and then fly to Iraq? After all be bought this visit forward.

Shifty electioneering.