Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dateline Group Room

And here we are, in the Conservative Group Room at City Hall (yes, there is one) debating the big issues of the day, with fois gras, plastic bags and webcasting council meetings all on the agenda.

Although I'm afriad that the public don't seem to share the importance of tonight's full council agenda. When I told my colleagues at work, they just laughed and said that my attendance tonight was an indication of how tragic my life has become.

I then shared it with another friend whom I met in the City, who just responded with a sign and asked why we couldn't talk about something important - like fixing the pavement outside of her house.

Do the public share the priorities of their council? Hardly, but let's hope the agenda gets a little more relevant in future.


Anonymous said...

No fois gras at Norwich City Council- how will you manage?

Seriously though I am vehemently opposed to the council buying anything that is expensive or nice so congratulations on a good evenings work passing your motions.

Is the council attempting to appeal to younger residents by modelling its meeting agenda's on a student union?

But congratulations on the fois gras stand - what will the council do with it's undoubted stockpile of the stuff. It's a similar position to the panic among the owners of Polaris missiles in the city when we became a nuclear free zone.

Really it's one of those silly principle politics motions - you can't really disagree with it. It's a bit like having a motion that the council will never open puppy farms or employ nazi war criminals. It looks heartless to vote against but.... what does it say about the priorities of our council.

If I was still on the council I would have moved "next business".

Anonymous said...

and a unanimous vote.

Anonymous said...

One wonders how much this exercise in futility cost the council tax payer? Could it actually have cost more than the city's inhabitants spend on foie gras in a year?

Anonymous said...

Comrade, quite right. Its like goldfish in Chapelfield. One has no option but to agree with it ans and the same time wonder about ward electorates who want key further improvements to core services, like street cleaning, better buses and greater investment in doorstep recycling further than the current AWC IWS blue bin roll out. Food Waste / caddies?

At least like a waste strategy, fois gras is likely to get 39 people voting for it to wallow in collective empathy! Vomit! What next banning folk from Chapelfield because jumping around or loud speakers at events on the grass infringes the rights of earthworms? New signs "Keep off the grass, worms have feelings", or no worms or maggots to be sold in fishing tackle shops!