Monday, October 29, 2007

And Rupert makes two...

I am thrilled to be informed that my good friend and council colleague Cllr Rupert Read now has a blog. Regular readers will note how much I respect Rupert and find his contributions to the council fascinating.

I, however, do not fear his challenge to my domination of the Norwich City Council blogging because it appears he is focusing more on his place as a Euro parliamentary candidate and is slightly more high brow than my mix of gossip, political backbiting and general political rudeness. Rupert's deep and meaningful philosophical entries will contrast well with my grassroots approach to campaigning. Good on you, Rupert!

1 comment:

Rupert said...

This is an enjoyable post, Anthony.
Indeed, I think our blogs will be complementary...
[See also my reply to your comment on my blog, btw...]
BW, Rupert.