Sunday, August 21, 2011


I have had a fair few comments, emails, tweets and calls from fellow NASUWT members also requesting information on the massive payout given to our General Secretary. I hope she does more than just putting deeply inaccurate and flawed information into union magazines.

Anyway I have now send Ms Keates around half a dozen tweets asking for a conversation or a chance to communication about her renumeration package - but no reply (yet). What is she, or her spokespeople at NASUWT, so afriad of?


Anonymous said...

I am an NASUWT member and I, like you, don't think that Ms Keates should be earning this. However I really don't think this hits my top 50 things I care about. If you do care about it, Antony, then stand to be our Norfolk Rep and get something done. Otherwise: shut up.

Anonymous said...

Annon, harse, too harse. Ant is pretty much spot on. As a NASUWT I am very wary at overpaid Union bosses calling me out to strike in Autumn. We rarely hear of boses, banks, unions, local authority bosses showing example by taking a cut. Autumn folly I fear, hang on to an OK deal. There again the Tax Alliance are the worst magot like one trick pony since the Green Party. Never thought Pickles or Tebbit where good for the UK, both miopotically mean and politically sadistic.