Monday, November 09, 2009

Exclusive (biscuit) poll says Gordon set for landslide

Forget the real polling, tonight I have the results of a new and exclusive poll which shows Gordon Brown set to have a landslide fourth term and the LibDems almost wiped out of the Commons.

At tonight's ND Sixth Form open evening I asked visitors to eat the biscuit which represents their favourite and which thus represents the party leader they are most aligned with.

Whilst Dave's biscuit choice has a steady trickle, Clegg's biscuits remained almost entirely in place and Gordon's flew off the plate.

If Gordon is as in touch with the country on other issue as he clearly is with biscuits, I can strongly predict a fourth Labour term and maybe even a Labour Gain in South Norfolk? Who knows...


Anonymous said...

I don't follow the biscuit polls Antony but the more reliable opinion polls point to you becoming MP for Norwich South sometime within the next 7 months.
If you don't win I'll eat my hat.

Anonymous said...

"Do you have a plate Mr. Savage? There has been a biscuit-related accident and I can't open my legs."

Anonymous said...

You don't blog much do you? Too busy eating biscuits eh? Better than the previous commentator whose staple diet appears to be hats because they are sure going to be eating one at the next election. You came a poor third in the last election and are the only non target Tory seat in Norfolk this time. Not a ringing endorsement.