Saturday, May 02, 2009

Moment of the Day

A wonderfully ironic moment today as when I was walking down the Earlham Road, a massive petrol-guzzling estate car pulled out ... proudly displaying its "Vote Green" poster.

My first reaction was to laugh; my second was to wonder what Adrian and Rupert would say; and my third was to think if Green supporters really know what their party stands for.


Anonymous said...

I've seen several houses across Norwich with big gas guzzlers with Vote Green posters, does make me laugh. I wonder if these people think voting Green is a form of carbon trading!

Anonymous said...

They make me soooo angry! Have a look - they are everywhere. Houses with green posters, and often two (or more) gas guzzling cars. And you just know they fly abroad on holiday 3 or 4 times a year as well. My theory is that they vote Green as a way (in their heads) of absolving themselves of responsibility for the self-indulgent life-styles they live.