Thursday, September 20, 2007

Surveys, membership, events and campaiging

All those who are gloating about Cameron's apparent unpopularity are welcome to look through our postbag at the moment. We are currently running a survey in Earlham and the Bluebell Road area. Whilst Eaton always gives a solid lead, we are now picking up support in Earlham too. When we did this survey last year Labour were ahead by 8-10% in Earlham and the results so far are neck-and-neck - with LibDem support completely non-existant. We are getting people rejoining the party - members who have been lapsed for many years as well as new members from across the City. We're also getting more and more people getting involved - I can't believe we have more deliverers on the Larkman than we need, and also more people coming to canvass sessions. Our events - with some top name speakers - are rapidly becoming sell-outs.

Cameron's "unpopularity" really seems to be paying off here in Norwich. The more "unpopular" he becomes the more members we get, the more donations we recieve, the more deliverers we get and the more events we sell out.

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Anonymous said...

I don't think most people regard Cameron as being "unpopular". Thats the wrong word to use. Most people view him as a very pleasant guy who is good at the dispatch box.

Its Cameron's "leadership" that people are confused about, and question. When is he going to pull things together and get the policy cart on the road? A snap General election might occur in 2 months, with conservatives still divided and stumbling on agreeing on policy.. Brown has come out with stong leadership over 2-3 national events and many folk have revised their opinion and thought, Oi, Oi, Brown might be a very competant PM and leader after all.

Cameron has never been in government, never been a minister. Policy wise his front bench are still assembling national policy and Cameron looks weak on policy weapons at this stage whilst no one knows his policy on building more new houses or addressing affordable housing. So he is losing ground on key policy areas, or people don't know the vague detail.