Monday, September 03, 2007

Head in Hands

All I will say on the matter is this. What good do John Bercow, Patrick Mercer and Michael Ancram think they are doing for the country or the party? Don't they see that they are been used as a stage-managed tool by the Brown government (in the case of Bercow and Mercer) or just giving ammunition to our opponents (Ancram ... who should know better). Activists up and down the country must have their heads in their hands.


Anonymous said...

Conservatives are very tribal! the bad old Thatcherite boys are back. This is very damaging. Thatcherites v One Nations.

As I made the comment a bit ago, the Conservatives is in a Central versus re-emerging Right inner struggle for the policy leavers. You have Redwood et al on one side pushing one agenda and Gummar QofLQ et al pushing another

Two years ago Cameron took the vote of the majority and cast a new centre direction. In the last month or so Cameron is constantly having to tack, central, right, centre, right, centre, right to keep the policy think tanks at bay.

If Cameron does not be his own strong man and show utter ruthlessness, marginalise both camps, select the right core election policies that are supported by the Camservative majority, he his a lame duck leader with infighting around him. Ruthlessness or Rudderless!

Anonymous said...

Slap the right down and plaudits will follow. Remember how Kinnock launched himself as a semi credible leader by attacking extremists in his own party. Showing leadership at these times is a sign of strength not weakness.

As for Bercow and Mercer it's just a question of finding the right line. More Tories in government is not a bad thing, a full Tory government would be even better etc etc

I'm writing this like a "true believer"..shit!