Saturday, December 09, 2006

Socialism still exists

Last night I was involved in an investigation of the liscence trade in and around Prince of Wales Road. In order to do this, I had to eat and drink rather a lot and involved myself with as many lisenced premises as possible ;-)

During one of these in-depth looks at the implications of council policy I stumbled (literally, actually) across a bit of a blog fan ... but it turns out he was a Labour member. During our witty, half sloshed, exchanges I asked him if socialism still existed (I'm a hoot after a few drinks) and he told me in great depth about the red-hot beating heart of the Labour Party waiting for the day that Blair leaves office.

Beware Britain - socialism exists and is alive and well hidden in Norwich.

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Gavin Ayling said...

It lives, not even hidden, in the hearts of those environMENTALISTs who want to restrict the liberty that cars provide.

Just check Livingstone's desire to ban cars to see the most unsubtle of similarities.