Monday, December 12, 2005

Had a very successful Christmas event on Saturday in Eaton ward. Very well attended and raised rather a lot for the campaign fund - or in this case sending letters out to prospective new members. Plenty of mince pies and punch too!

School today was a tad dull, though I did manage to complete marking my Mock GCSE Exams and potentially ruin the Yuletide of my 'A' Level class by setting them a whopping great essay. Ho ho ho! Though my New Year is ruined by marking...

Tomorrow is our Year 8 Celebration Assembly - the theme is Oscars. Given the amount of work that my wonderful PA did today, it bought to mind a gleeful Sir Humphry declaring that all the work of any organisation is admin. Seeing her at work, one wag mused: "If the teachers all disappeared, we'd get cover. If the admin staff disappeared, the school would collapse." Quite.

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