Friday, January 21, 2005

The result of meetings last night. It's time that Labour and the LibDems carried the can for this disaster.

Citycare: Conservatives call on Couzens to quit

Council Leader Ian Couzens should take the blame and resign over the Citycare fiasco, say the Norwich Conservatives.

City Tories entered the row over the costly contracts after it was revealed that taxpayer would be force to pick up the compensation costs.

At a special meeting of the City Group Conservatives to discuss the growing crisis, Parliamentary Spokesman Antony Little said:

”Everyone who works in the community knows of people stung by the overcharging by Citycare. We strongly welcome the compensation being provided but we cannot fathom why it is taxpayers who are lumbered with the bill and not Citycare who were the ones overcharging.”

“This is a serious mess and there needs to be accountability here. Labour created the contracts and the LibDems worked with them. For all the people affected and now the taxpayers footing the bill, there needs to be an acceptance of blame.”

“As long as this goes on without an acceptance of blame, the people of Norwich will have no faith in this council.”

“It is time that LibDem Leader Ian Couzens actually took responsibility for something. This Citycare issue is a disaster – he should go now, and go quickly.”

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