Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Why Does This Matter?

1 - Political Choice
For as long as I have been involved in politics, large numbers of people have said that "you're all the same". You can hardly say that today, with large differences between Labour and Conservative (paying down the debt - starting tomorrow or next year), LibDem and Conservative (Trident - scrap or keep) and Green and Conservatives (A11 - keep as it is or dual it). You have great choice on the ballot paper tomorrow, use it.

2 - Your Vote Counts
In Norwich South any one of the parties could take victory; controversial Labour MP Charles Clarke is facing the fight of his life and yet the decision on who should replace him is still up in the air.

3 - Campaigning Styles
The Conservatives have run a relentless positive campaign this year in Norwich, against some other parties who have been very negative and whom believe they should get power by simply not being the other parties. If Britain really does like positive campaigning then the LibDems will be crushed; if they like negative campaigning then the result may be different.

4 - The Political Class
As the only candidate with a job I have been surprised at how many people have not wanted another member of the political class as our MP; it isn't just what PM you want or what party you want in government but who you want as our local MP. Do you want another career politician as your MP?

5 - Because it does.
Democracy matters as does participation. Even if you are planning to vote for one of the minnows - UKIP or the WRP for example - or if you are going to spoil your ballot paper, simply doing so sends a message. 2 minutes of your time for democracy? A fair trade.

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Depressed beyond tablets said...

The amount of people choosing NOT to vote is sending you a huge message that you are obviously ignoring.