Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Birmingham Labour Councillor defects to the Conservatives

Former Deputy Leader of the Labour Party in Solihull has quit to join David Cameron's Conservatives. Click here for the local report. This follows on from the decision of a Manchester LibDem Councillor to resign from his party and join the Conservatives.

When asked what he thought of Labour, Councillor Ryan replied: "It's finished."

Interesting too is that this Solihull Councillor represents an area in urban Birmingham. When the media talk about the Tory position in Cities and the North, what they often forget is that whilst we may not represent many inner city wards, we do represent vast swathes of these cities and the areas around them. A lot more to do, I grant you, but not as bad as we are often told.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm. Solihull is not in Birmingham (not that I care, I live in Birmingham, but your Conservative compatriots in Solihull may be upset). You'll also find that Bickenhall is actually a very rural ward between Birmingham and Coventry and already has 2 Conservative councillors!