Friday, March 17, 2006

Disgraced LibDem quits in Norwich (finally)

Disgraced LibDem Councillor Samantha Allison has finally resigned, promoting a by-election in Thorpe Hamlet. The poll, which I believe will be called for 4th May, adds to the by-election caused by the resignation of County Council Leader Alison King in Cringleford & Colney.

Although this is clearly a personal matter for former Councillor Allison, I am glad that she has chosen to go because to hang on would merely damage the political debate in Norwich – especially as the paper would run this story day-after-day. I think, however, two issues do spring to mind.

Firstly questions must be asked about the wise ness of Council Leader Ian Couzens giving her 110% backing the whole way through. It certainly says something about his judgement.

Secondly, 24 hours ago she had a splash banner headline in the Evening News declaring “I won’t quit” and then promptly does. Pushed or jumped? Maybe Cllr Couzens threatened to disown her if she failed to go. At least a by-election on the same day as the City election saves both money and the embarrassment of the LibDems losing the seat, which I believe they would have done if the by-election had been at any other time.

The LibDems really are a shambled internally and it should make every LibDem voter think very hard about if these people are really worthy of their support.


Anonymous said...

Whilst I'd be the first person to admit that my beloved LibDems are in complete shambles, I would rather vote for them than for corrupt, seemingly unprincipled powermongers (Labour) or Right wing hardliners disguising themselves as eco-friendly compassionates (Tories).
Parents still banging on about cost of London vs Durham; apparently I'm sensible/mature enough to be given a joint credit card and sole charge of my inheritance money, but not mature enough to realise the amount of debt I'd be getting into. Hypocrisy, much.

Anonymous said...

"Disgraced" is a strong word but hey so is "set up".
Took three very peculiar trials to "nail" Samantha Allison.
I guess all is fair in politics.
So probably better not to vote.
It only encourages you all.
And anyway there are real world events driving where politicians have to go. Politics has become a past-time and lacks conviction.
Enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

Now she runs a healing light and childcare centre at Bacton Priory on the Norfolk coast..

It seems she gave up politics in favour neo-pagan mumbo jumbo, so not much has changed ;-}

She is still getting drunk on barkflower remedies and living in deep denial.

After what she did, how she can be in charge of children beats me?

I guess memories are short.

Anonymous said...

More fit mother than you are my dear. Considering what she has been through. You know, she still has a lot of solid friends out there who are not as cynical as you . Ian has integrity and judgement. It took the ass of a legal system three kicks to convict. That should tell ya something. Life goes on. Politics remain the same. DON"T VOTE! IT ONLY ENCOURAGES THEM!