Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Since the Easter holiday I don’t think my feet have touched the ground. Easter itself was packed full of relatives all cooing over Emily and a wonderful meal at the out-laws in Taverham. Today I had a meeting with an EDP Reporter who is covering Norwich South at Prospect House, in Norwich. Really positive meeting all-in-all. Tonight I am working on our strategy to be first out of the blocks come the big announcement!

A lot of people, generally party members, hacks and a few journo types have asked me to comment on Howard Flight. Why, I replied, when we got the latest rather massive wodge of telephone canvassing results from the last week and not one single voter contacted (out of over a thousand) mentioned him?

p.s. Reason not to vote LibDem No. 341: Not sending women to prison because of the impact on families. And, of course, sending men to jail doesn’t at all impact on families!

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